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System Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
License Free
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Product name Pacman

Pacman Retro Game does not lose its relevance. Play Pacman Retro Game in your browser, even in offline mode. The original Pacman game is now available in your browser called Pacman Retro Game. This version of Pacman has the familiar plot and super simple to play. Pacman Retro Game starts just a few seconds after hitting the play button. Pacman moves forward automatically in whichever way he's facing, so you don't need to worry about controlling his speed or having him stop moving while you're playing. But to actually control Pacman direction, you'll need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard in order to move Pacman around a path. The instruction of the Pacman Retro Game is rather self-explanatory: up arrow moves him up, the down arrow moves him down, the right arrow moves him right, and the left arrow moves him left. The point of the Pacman is to avoid the ghosts, for if they touch you, you will instantly lose a life, and you only have three. To avoid dying, use the arrow keys to make your way through a path that avoids the ghosts, and be sure not to back yourself into a corner! However, at the same time, the point of the Pacman Game is to see how many points you can collect, which is why you should try your best to run into as many dots as possible. Each do that you eat increases your score. Disclaimer: is a trademark of Namco. This is not official extension. All graphics and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners.